About Zac Anderson

About Zac Anderson

A Brief History

Zac The ArtistMy Name is Zac Anderson. I grew up in Santa Clara, California. I have been a creative designer for over 15 years. After finishing school for visual communication, I started a career in graphic design and printing. The experience I gained from that career eventually helped me to start my own design and printing business in which I still do today.

My introductory experience to the world of galleries and art shows was while I lived with Lynn Fisher, a career term gallerist and picture framer from Colorado. While living with her my creative side came to life with totally new ideas, and I got to work on my own art. This was late in 2013 when I discovered rain painting. I spent a year exhibiting at Denver's Santa Fe Arts District. That was a great experience as I got to deal with large crowds of people, having my work displayed side by side with many other great artists.

Since that time, life moved me to Arizona where I have since been hosting openings a few times a year. I currently work out of an office in central Tucson where I paint the rain whenever possible. This building also serves as a small showroom and workspace. Along with creative art projects, I spend much of my time in front of the computer working on various projects.

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email: info@rainartist.com
tel. 602.488.4802
Tucson, Arizona