Painting of Rain

The story of Rain Painting

Development Process

Cut Out SeamlessRain painting came to me purely as a gift of inspiration as I did not think about or imagine the concept before an accidental discovery occurred. In Fall of 2013 as I was painting outside in Colorado, some lazy clouds blew by and dropped some rain on my fresh paint! A flash of curiosity hit me. This moment developed into a years long experiment. I had discovered that you can paint the rain! It would be many more rainy afternoons to refine my process into the artform that you see now.

I worked for two years with different brands of paint, grades of paint, substrates and drying conditions. After a lenghty process of elimination I had my secret formula! By today, I have two different formulas depending on the temperature of the climate. After learning how to paint in Colorado, I found that the exact same process didn't work in Arizona.


These are the first completed rain paintings (2014). They were 5" x 5" squares and were offset from a background of carbon fiber texture. At that time I was experimenting with ink as a stain which is how the wood is stained. I no longer use ink as stain. 


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